Respect for tradition,
constantly evolving

Founded in 1996, M.C.M. SRL has made its mark on the domestic and international markets in the manufacture and assembly of metal products. Covering a surface area of 3000 square metres, the company has a workforce of 38 employees including technicians and artisans who are highly skilled in this sector, thus managing to combine the advantages of its skilled craftsmanship with those offered by the use of innovative numeric-control machinery.
The company offers its customers the most modern metal working techniques (in brass, iron, steel, aluminium and copper), taking painstaking care with even the finest detail. 
It operates successfully in the manufacture of made-to-measure furniture, and doors and windows for private customers and stores, manufacturing and assembling all the components. 
Aided by advanced technology and the extensive experience acquired, our technicians are always able to meet the demands of customers and the reference market.


Furnishing and design elements in metal,

Metal architectures, furnishing elements for interiors and exteriors, door and windows: these are the products in which skilled craftsmanship combines with the most modern production processes. We offer not only our manual expertise, but also the ability to find the best solutions for specific problems of every project presents. From assistance during the design stage to the development of the executive drawings, from the production to the transport and assembly, both in Italy and abroad, with a keen eye to the finest detail.

M.C.M. Arredi in Metallo

Via Giacomo Konz 100, 52100, Arezzo

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